JSP Tickets


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JSP Tickets Extension is Ticketing System for Joomla! 2.5.x and 3.x Platform whose ability is to provide the ticket accessibility to both Joomla! guests and registered users.



  • Show categories of the other extensions for user to pick the category while creating a ticket.
  • Notification through mailing services to each of the administrators, moderators and user’s mail addresses.
  • Administrator can assign User Groups to JSP Tickets.
  • Allows to add attachments for the ticket and also gives the control to the administrator to type of file allowed.
  • Gives the advance users to keep track of their product reviews from the Social Platform like Facebook Page and Twitter Account and also creates automatic tickets for the concerned reviews and sends details to the relevant users, administrators and moderators via email.
  • Locations list on the frontend now comes with slider so that users have the option to expand the display of the map to have a look at the locations in an enhanced way.
  • Automatic Feeds for the tickets from the Social Media like Facebook Public Page and Twitter.
  • "Monthly Status Graph" telling status of different tickets in the current month and "Ticket Category Graph" which gives administrator the number of tickets in of JSP Tickets category.
  • Nice SEF URLs, without requiring a SEF component.